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Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you accept?

We accept new and pre-owned women’s, men’s and children’s luxury fashion, handbags, shoes and fine jewelry. Additional items of interest may be applicable. See our list of accepted designer brands here.

What are your seasonal buying windows?

There are none, we consign fashion for all seasons!

What is the minimum number of items required for a consignment contract?

We require a minimum of 10 items, approved by an expert during your in-home consultation.

What condition must items be in?

Items must be in good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition.

How do you price items?

We use data from millions of items sold based on current market demands and we set prices according to designer, item type, age and condition. Because we earn more when you do, you can trust that we always price items at the highest market value.

Will I have the opportunity to approve the price of my items before they are put up for sale?

We discuss pricing options during your in-home consultation to approve prices prior to your items being available for sale.

How much do I earn?

We are very flexible and are open to negotiation. We work hard to earn you top dollar, which means that you can get back 50% or more of the selling price of your items.

We are open to negotiating higher percentages for high-value luxury items.

What are your payment methods?

You can choose to get paid via check or PayPal.

When do I get paid?

Once your item sells, payment is issued within 15 business days.

Can my personal assistant or housekeeper meet with you?

We prefer to conduct in-home consultations directly with our customers because your potential earnings will be discussed. Exceptions can be made for customers who do not require a pricing consultation. In such circumstances we will still require a clean surface to conduct our item inspection.

Do you need access to my closet?

No, we do not require access to any specific rooms in your home. All that we require is a clean surface to conduct our consultation and item inspection in your home.

For how long will my items be listed?

We will list your items for as long as you like. If an item is listed for an extended period we may recommend adjusting the price or removing it. We reserve to right to remove a listed item and return it after 10 months.